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RM030 High Quality Replica Watches Technology

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  • Thursday 08 September 2016 RM030 High Quality Replica Watches Technology

  • RM movement overall shift all aviation materials, plywood and floor movement in grade 5 titanium wet blasting, barrel splint after PVD coating, all materials are effective to improve the impact resistance movement, to prevent excessive chain as the theme, a number of technologies are very forefront.So our fake richard mille can do is to get close to the maximum.

    Fake RM030 movement

    Carbon fiber material in the box, increasing the impact resistance of the case, but also reduce the body weight of the angular table screws: When disassembly torque control can be enhanced, compared to normal screws significantly improve durability. Alcryn washer, also has limited torque, seal, protect the crown three major characteristics, to avoid pressure on the barrel caused by inadvertent chain, Elinvar hairspring, Glucydur balance wheel, and uses Incabloc shock, PVD coating of plywood double barrel, which provides about 55 hours of power reserve


    Variable geometry automatic pendulum Tuo same RM classic technology, Tuo rib through grade 5 titanium screws for the sixth gear adjustment, can be automatically positioned according to the intensity of the movement of the wearer, that is, the greater the magnitude of the swing arm, positioning ribs the higher the stronger the inertia pendulum Tuo, Tuo otherwise locate low degree of flexibility will be increased, according to the wearer's movement to achieve real-time adjustment of status, not only to avoid excessive chain and improve the efficiency of power use.

    high quality richard mille rm030

    high quality richard mille rm030

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