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Richard Mille will NTPT® first carbon fiber material used in the manufacture of watches, carefully research and development for several months, and finally launched the first one NTPT® carbon fiber material RICHARD MILLE RM 11, NTPT® carbon fiber material in particular, because of its regular wave-like pattern produce a unique visual effects. NTPT® parallel carbon fiber filaments constituting a multi-layer, made from carbon fiber filaments were obtained. These thin thickness less than 30 microns was first immersed in a resinous, and then through a special machine woven with 45 ° angle interleaved between layers, creating a similar rare wood special visual effects. Then by 6 bar pressure after heating to 120 °, NTPT® carbon fiber material can be sent to Richard Mille watch case factory located Proart to CNC machine tools for processing. NTPT® carbon fiber material has been found to have excellent physical properties of the composite material phase ratio, but also the best of the 25%, microcracks of rupture stress is 200% improvementThat our Richard Mille RM 011 Replica is what material? Certainly replica RM 011 watch not possible to use carbon fiber material, or else it is not a replica watches, looks very close to the course material is carbon fiber materials and also very durableRichard Mille series Zoran not, do not rely on a single watch, but within a short time to create several new works, collectors and industry and recognized as the ultimate classic row house contemporary watchmaking. The most popular classic model comes RM 011 self-winding watch, its pure lines and functionality can always produce far-reaching resonance with customers. Never stop stepping on the pace of creation. We can build for the Richard Mille RM011 Replica Watch CRMA6 automatic movement, it is the thickness of only 3.6 mm of a new movement, movement baseplate and deck are five titanium alloy, combining gray and black plasma processing as Seiko modification, with automatic plate platinum pendulum. The bottom cover movement continue to create profound sense especially hard, the effect of large-scale hollow greeted everywhere, such as the height of the hollow barrel of the hair strand, automatic disk, drive train with automatic winding mechanism deck. Building structure is sufficient to load the mechanical movement of the legend; even three slotted screws dial side to ensure its accurate and in its place the correct tension is applied in accordance with the function and use. Chain, with manual adjustment date indicator between the point and the two o'clock position. Although this is a new self-winding count, but for the first time to wear or days still needs a little later on the chain without wear. When the crown is pulled out, the indicator began to run, therefore, the use of the crown position of retreat, or simply by touching the '' click '' numbers, you can have no doubt that selection. Richard Mille RM011 Replica its exquisite size needs more time to build, pure processing time accumulated about six hours, yet regardless of the bezel, the desired main case and the bottom ring 68 and other preparatory different stamping process requires several weeks. Processing needs bezel 8th to complete the commissioning of the machine, the main case and the bottom ring of each need to debug 5th. Before entering the real processing stage, the working methods of the design of complex processes would consume 145 hours, drawing aids drawing takes 130 hours, 180 hours consuming manufacturing aids. Each case had to go through more than 215 independent Canadian engineering program. Upon completion of the processing stages, each watch will go through a matte grinding and polishing, all hand-crafted.