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Richard Mille RM 038 a torque limited innovation watch crown automatically from the oscillating weight. Square shape is also a major breakthrough Tourbillon watch, ultra-thin automatic watch Tuo with pearls, colored stones inlaid jewelry Tourbillon watches are never seen, RM038 is the world's first system to playing golf when to wear watch case made of strong, lightweight aluminum alloy AZ91 magnesium, size 48 × 39.70 × 12.80 mm, with a special surface treatment can prevent injury linked, waterproof 50 meters. Our store produce Replica Richard Mille RM 038 Watches There are many colors and styles to meet various friends preferences, we produce Replica Richard Mille RM 038 is the key word: Slim comfortable, high-tech materials soft landing, complex ideas, colored stones , slim comfortRichard Mille RM 038 Replica Tourbillon movement has a fast rotating barrel, can significantly reduce the mainspring adhesion cyclical phenomenon, thus improving its performance. In addition, it provides an ideal power reserve / performance and regularity ratio, constitute the perfect mainspring delta curve. In addition, the design of the barrel and the third pinion gear with a center spiral tooth, providing maximum pressure angle of 20 degrees, contribute to more effective gear rotation, and offset gear meshing operation deviation, thereby ensuring a good torque transmission, and to significantly improve its performance. RM 038 case is the use of a consistent and exceptionally strong, lightweight magnesium alloy AZ91 made of this alloy is composed of 90% magnesium and 8.9% aluminum. Magnesium density is 1, 74 g / cm3, meaning that it is one of the lightest metal construction. After a time-consuming and delicate process, the need to go through this alloy called Titalyt II & reg; electro plasma oxidation process. Bleached color case is this treatment process causes: it is a composition containing a high ratio of high resistant components (such as magnesium aluminum spinel) ceramic oxide crystal, can enhance the hardness of this alloy and anti-scratch properties, and resistance to wear and corrosion resistance. This Application Process biocompatible magnesium alloy is used in aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries. The tripartite case with two Nitril O-ring seals guarantee 50 meters water resistance. Case is assembled with 12 spline screws in grade 5 titanium and abrasion resistant washers in 316L stainless assembled. RM 038 Tourbillon designed for golf and sports people who designed, in particular the use environment remains under extreme ease high-tech materials crafted.